September 28th message from Father Bob

To all,

In August I began to lose my voice, finding out that I had serious pneumonia with complications.  I ended up during those weeks into September in three different hospitals.  I have my primary doctor and an oncologist.  This is my third time battling cancer.  I was just at my primary doctor today, who found my test results from the first two bouts of chemo very positive.  I’ve lost all my hair, 30 pounds, and my voice.  Hopefully I’ll get my hair back, and my voice, but I don’t want all 30 pounds back!

My best to all the parishioners and friends who are praying for me, and their thoughts and cards and things. I will be having a few more chemo treatments over the next weeks. I absolutely pray every day for everyone there and hope to return as soon as the doctors let me.


Father Bob