Nativity B.V.M. Choirs’ Tribute to International Week


If it had not been cancelled, our choirs would have participated in their 25th consecutive International Heritage of Sacred Music Concert on June 23.  These videos are our humble and heartfelt tribute to our International City.  If you have any experience with the zoom platform, you know that it is not possible to sing at the same time, so we opted to take turns!  Members of the children’s choir sing Lulajze Jezuniu, and members of the adult choir sing Serdeczna Matko.  Our choirs miss singing at Mass, but choir is about more than singing–it is family.  We have been staying in touch via zoom each week since March, and we have enjoyed chatting, various forms of bingo, talent shows, learning about beekeeping, deep discussions, and praying together.  Please pray that we get to sing together soon!


Serdeczna Matko


Lulajze Jezuniu