May 2nd Message from Father Bob

Dear parishioners and friends near and far,

I pray that you are staying healthy and safe with masks, personal distancing, washing hands, etc. A little normalcy has begun in our church with allowed singing (with masks) and the votive candles have been put back in place for your use. The headline of Monday’s Plain Dealer read, “By going to church, people feel safe.” Hope you feel safe in our church and thank you again to all who usher and sanitize after each Mass or service. We can always use more volunteers.

The month of May is full of good  and grace-filled things. Lots of flowers are popping up, there is lots more sunshine, we honor Mary, five children of our parish will make their First Communion and there are several weddings that were postponed last year and rescheduled due to COVID-19. We rejoice with all the grace -filled moments. You can see in our flock note the PSR children’s marvelous Lego displays of sacraments, pictures of great flowers, and prayers to St. Joseph and to the Blessed Mother. Since I’ve been Pastor we have a subtitle on the weekly bulletin under the title of our parish. It reads, “Where the Lady of the house welcomes you to talk to Her Son.” We have been talking to Her Son a lot lately. You are always invited to our holy hour each Saturday and the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) is available each week. Pope Francis has made the extraordinary announcement that each day in May there will be a rosary said at one of the 30 major Marian shrines around the world at noon Eastern time. He encourages people to pray for an end to the pandemic. Please join in these prayers as much as you are able.

A little weekend humor:

It’s been said that every pastor ought to have six weeks of vacation each year because, if he is really a good shepherd, he deserves it; and if he is not a very good shepherd, his congregation deserves it.

Go Tribe !!! at least we beat the Yankees one game !!!

With Him and His Mom,

Fr. Bob