March 8 Message from Father Bob

Dear parishioners and friends, 

Saint Peter must be very busy in heaven accepting all these Ukrainian people and children.  How sad it is to have a war going on in the year 2022.  How devastating for the people of Ukraine and this horrible situation in Europe.  We pray for the Ukrainian people, and the Polish people, and those accepting the refugees.  

It is unbelievable that gasoline cost more than four dollars a gallon!!!  The government has to do something about the oil and gasoline that we have here in our own country.

And what do you mean there’s no professional baseball!!!  I can’t believe they’re still arguing all this time over money.  I would be willing to play baseball for them, for any team or for the Guardians, for 1/4 of what they get paid!  

I have finished all my chemo and radiation treatments.  I don’t have to see my oncologist until after Easter for a follow up.  Hope all of you are doing well, staying healthy and happy. Thanks for your prayers and support.  May all of you be full of God‘s grace during this holy Lenten season.


Father Bob