March 21st message from Father Bob

Dear Parishioners and Friends, Near and Far,

Praying that you are staying well and safe. Don’t forget masks and social distance and washing hands. Thank you again to all who are sanitizing our church after each Mass or service.

Two events watching the news on Tuesday night caught my attention. Some fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls have recently been discovered. They are written in Greek and are around 2000 years old. The last time fragments of the scrolls were discovered was 60 years ago. Maybe something will be in there to enlighten our understanding of the New Testament. Secondly, Sister Jeanne of Loyola University was on the TV. She is the chaplain and head cheerleader of the Loyola basketball team. Some friends, three years ago gave me a bobble head of her. As March Madness begins she has received both vaccines and is able to go to the first tournament basketball game. Oh, by the way, she is 101 years old.

Hope you were able to experience Fr. Joe Morris from Atlanta. He recited and acted out the whole Gospel of St. Mark. Sometimes I can’t remember a prayer and he knows the whole Gospel by heart. He was very pleased with our attendance on Monday night. He also showed me photos of some of his paintings. He was a high school teacher and then ordained a priest at 40 years old. What a talent!

Sometimes while watching a sporting event someone carries a sign that simply reads John 3:16. Sometimes I get down on the world or down on myself. The world is not a perfect place, and I am not a perfect person. But “God so loved the world that he gave his only son.” God didn’t send his son to condemn the world, to make life harder, to give out rules and test people. The Gospel gives me new hope and in ourselves and in the world, that I can really become a better person and the world really can become a better place.

Please pay attention to our Flocknote, website, and bulletin, for information on Holy Week services and Masses at Easter time. My calendar states spring starts on March 20. You can feel it in the air and tulips and crocuses are already cracking the earth. The Risen Lord is Easter and spring is most welcome, especially this year.

A little weekend humor:

How excited was the gardener about spring? So excited he wet his plants.

Waiting for baseball to begin!!

With him and his mom,

Fr. Bob