January 11th Message from Father Bob

Dear parishioners and friends,

A happy and blessed new year of 2022 to you!  Hopefully this year will see the end of problems with COVID-19.

Thank you again and again for your cards, gifts, and especially your prayers.  I was at the dentist today and he said he will keep me in his prayers and the dental technician said she would too.

I invited our bishop for our 125th anniversary as a parish next January!  He was already booked for all the weekends except for Saturday, January 28, 2023.  So, you will be here for the 4 o’clock Mass that day to help us celebrate.  

I’ve been hearing some complaints about the sound system in the church for live streaming Masses. We will have to work on that.

Next week I go for a CT scan and an MRI on my brain.  Hope they can find my brain!!  After that I may need radiation on my brain.  More prayers please!

Looking forward to coming back to the parish when the doctors say so. 

Love, Father Bob