February 14th message from Father Bob

Dear Parishioners and Friends, Near and Far,

Hope you are staying safe and healthy. Thanks again to all who help keep our church clean and sanitized. We must continue wearing masks, keeping a distance, and washing our hands.

This Sunday is the feast of Saint Valentine besides being the 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time. So, Happy Valentine’s Day! This Sunday also is the last Sunday before the holy season of Lent begins. Ash Wednesday is February 17. We have two masses that day; 8:15 am and 6:30 pm. Because of COVID-19, the ashes will be sprinkled on our heads instead of the usual on the forehead. It is interesting to note that most countries in the world administer ashes on Ash Wednesday in this fashion. Personally it seems like we have been in Lent for a year now! Traditionally people have given up something for Lent but this year, let’s emphasize doing something positive for Lent.

Four things happened in the Sunday gospel: Jesus listened, Jesus did outreach, Jesus prioritized the pain of the leper, and then Jesus healed. We all ask for the healing from Jesus for a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual defects.

Two major events happened to me this week: Thursday I received my second vaccine shot and Friday is the anniversary of my baptism. It is also the birthday of Abraham Lincoln. I guess Abe and I are connected. I will celebrate my baptism with some smoked salmon. You should look up your baptism and celebrate that day beginning your sacramental life in the Church.

What a boring Super Bowl!! But my team won! I always get a little sad when the football season is over.

A little weekend Valentine humor:

Did you hear about the marathon runners that started dating?
They are doing long distance.

What did the hinges say to the wall?
I a-door you!

Why was the fly so nervous at the fruit market?
He was on a date.

With Him and His Mom,

Fr. Bob