Father Bob’s Back to School Blessing

Heavenly Father,

You sent us your Son.
How great is your goodness.
How great is your love.

Now, as we send our children back to school,
we trust again in your care for them. Let them see
clearly that which is good and reject all evil.

Bless their teachers – guide their hearts.

May our children learn and grow, always in your
sight and under your protection. Let us teach them
how to stand firm upon convictions yet be merciful
and kind.

Guide them, oh Lord. Bless them. Pour out your
loving grace. Let your glory shine in their lives.

And when they suffer, let us understand how to
comfort them without hindering your character-
building process.

You are the architect of a holy life. Build our
children up according to your will.

O loving Lord, our children are yours since the
beginning of time. Thank you for their lives.
Bless and protect their souls.

We ask this through Christ our Lord,