April 26th Message from Father Bob

Dear “Out There” Parishioners,

Satan: With the coronavirus, I’ve closed your churches!

God: On the contrary, I just opened one in every home!!

From a Peanuts comic strip …

Lucy:  What surprises you the most about the coronavirus?

Charlie Brown: It has done what no woman has ever been able to do. Cancel all sports, shut down all bars, and keep men at home.

A priest friend of mine has referred to the television as the eighth Sacrament since people are more tuned to it for hope and comfort than to anything else. However, God still does work and faith still conquers all fears, worries, and anxieties.

Eventually life will return to normal and so will our celebration of the sacraments. We have certainly walked with Christ in the desert. The Gospel this Sunday speaks of the road to Emmaus. I was 18 (a senior in high school) when I had to give my first homily in our study hall in front of all my classmates. This was the Gospel I chose and I was so nervous. Once I started, there seemed to be a calming effect that took over, and I was convinced that Jesus was talking and walking with me. Even though now we are not present for the breaking of the Bread as the disciples were, imagine how glorious it will be when we are all gathered again at the altar!

I have made the sad decision to cancel this year’s parish picnic. With social distancing we simply can’t prepare all the food, etc. that we would be doing soon. Hearing Governor DeWine and Dr. Amy Acton, this virus will still be a challenge at least through the summer. We will anticipate the next parish picnic with great joy!

I have a question for you,
What is the only sport where the defense has the ball?

With Him and His Mom,       

Fr. Bob