Easter Message from Father Bob

Dear Parishioners,

From a distance a happy and joyous Easter to all!

Even though we can’t be together physically, we certainly are together spiritually with Catholics and Christians all over Lorain and the USA and the world. He is risen!!

Yesterday’s letter was simply a prayer to St. Corona. We should pray this prayer often. St. Corona lived in the second century and was martyred because she wouldn’t deny her faith in Jesus. Not only is she the patroness of epidemic victims, but interestingly so, she is also the patroness of people that have trouble gambling too much!

Thank you to all who are sending in or dropping off their weekly church contributions. If it is easier for you, you can donate online to our parish. If you get onto the Diocese of Cleveland website, there is an easy way to donate to our parish.

And, Holy Saturday we usually bring new members to the faith. Thousands in our country and around the world are waiting to become Catholic! This will take a little longer. We pray for them to have patience.

If Christ had not risen from the dead, there would be no Eucharist as we know it. It is the risen Lord himself who leads every celebration of the Eucharist. It isn’t something we do on our own. The church teaches that the Mass is “the action of Christ and the people of God.”

It is the risen Lord, who calls us together, who hosts the celebration, and invites us to join Him as he continues to give himself – and us – to the God He calls Abba. Christ did rise from the dead. That’s why we get together every Sunday even from a distance to celebrate the Eucharist. This is why every Sunday has been traditionally called “little Easter”.

A little weekend humor –

How does the Easter bunny stay fit?


Why did the Easter bunny cross the road?

Because the chicken had his eggs!

Stay safe and stay happy!

With Him and His Mom,

Fr. Bob