Deacon Bob’s Farewell Letter to the Parish

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This is not how I expected to share with you. I had hoped to see you and talk with you at Mass. As we all know, the best-laid plans are not always as we anticipate. By the time you read this, I will officially be retired as the Pastoral Associate and no longer working full time for the Diocese. I am still a Permanent Deacon and can still serve. You will see us at church, on the altar, and in the pews. We will just not be in the office very day, and not serving at every Mass or service.

Looking back as a child, I never thought I would be a Police officer for 25 years. While an officer I never dreamed I would be an Ordained Deacon. In addition, as a Deacon, spending 33 years (so far) in ministry, and now leaving after 25 years at Nativity.

I counted back and realized I was involved in over 550 funerals, 400 baptisms, 100 weddings, and every Christmas and Holy Week service. The most amazing of all was being able to donate my time and be apart of over 3850 Masses. I will never forget bringing Jesus to so many people. I truly feel blessed and humble.

Every day, I thank God for the life He has given me, for my wife Linda, my family, Fr. Bob, our parish staff, and you, the parishioners of OUR parish.

When I would say, have you got a minute, thank you to all who had that minute for our church. I can never truly say how much I love all of you, and what you bring to our parish.

There will come a day when this virus will end and we can return to our church, our God, and the Body and Blood of Jesus our Christ. While we wait do not lose heart, do not lose faith.

We are hoping that when we can be closer than six feet, we will have a gathering and share a meal, laughter, and prayer.

Please know there are no words to explain the importance of each of you in our lives, heart, and love.

God’s love and ours,

Deacon Bob & Linda