August 8th Message from Father Bob

Dear Parishioners Near and Far,

Hoping you are safe and healthy and physically distant!

The Gospel this weekend has been enjoyed by painters and artists for many years. Artists have depicted in many forms Jesus walking on the water, Saint Peter trying to walk on the water, and Jesus sitting in the boat with the waves crashing. The apostles were terrified and Jesus simply says, “Do not be afraid.” The Lord says the same line to us, “Do not be afraid.” But, to be honest, I’m afraid for you and for me with this coronavirus. We have faith but there is so much unknown about this virus in our country and in our world. I was just reading about the Felician sisters in Lavonia, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. This order of sisters came originally from Poland and started their ministry in 1930. They started Catholic schools and hospital ministry. Here recently out of 57 of them in their convent, 13 have died from the coronavirus! I had two aunts and one great aunt that were nuns (different orders) and so nuns have a special connection to my heart. Granted they were all elderly, but as a human, I question how did God allow this to happen? Throughout history there have been many viruses and plagues and God doesn’t cause them, but he does allow them to happen and nature take its course. Our faith is constantly being tested. We pray for stronger faith and God’s presence in our lives. Jesus we love you and ask you to be present in this storm!!!

There has been much discussion going on with parents and teachers about children going back to school and/or PSR. We will keep everyone as safe as possible. I also have been thinking about our annual Eucharistic devotions. This will be held on September 6th starting after the 10:30 p.m. Mass and the closing will begin at 5:00 p.m. Mary’s birthday is September 8th and we will celebrate our parish’s 122nd anniversary. There will be the usual sign-up list on the piano. I am sure we can give the Lord some private time that afternoon. Please join us in prayer.

A little weekend humor:
A priest, a minister, and a rabbi were discussing when does human life begin? The priest said, “It begins at conception.” The minister said, “Life begins at 24 weeks gestation.” The rabbi said, “You are both wrong, life begins when the kids move out of the house.”

With Him and His Mom,
Father Bob