August 15th message from Father Bob

Dear Parishioners and Friends Near and Far,

Hope you’re staying well and safe!

I’m going through some depression. Why do you think I am? There’s not going to be any college football this fall, no Ohio State Buckeyes or Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Not until the spring they hope. How will I (we) get through the fall?

Many years ago, when I was teaching in grade school religion class, I was with the third grade and we were talking about how good God is to us, and how much He gives us. Eventually, we started talking about animals especially farm animals. I’ll never forget when a child asked me,” How do you tell the difference between a female cow and a male cow?” I only laughed to myself, but I explained that all cows are female and the bull is the male steer. And then I asked if anybody’s ever eaten veal.  “Have you ever seen a veal?”  Some kids said, “Oh yeah, I like veal” and I said, “Do you know where veal comes from?” I said “Veal is from a baby cow or a calf” and then the kids went “Oooh, we are never eating veal again!” Personally, veal piccata is one of my favorite dinners.

This weekend is a little confusing because Saturday is the feast of the Assumption of Mary into heaven, but it isn’t a holy day of obligation and so we’re celebrating also the 20th Sunday in ordinary time. Just as Jesus gave us all the animals for our benefit, the gospel this weekend tells us that Jesus came for all people. Christ is present for the whole world. And we can’t help believe this especially when we see the wealthy, the prominent, the poor, the downhearted, all wearing masks we all look the same and we’re all dealing with the same virus. May the Lord continue to help us to stay safe and healthy and someday bring an end to this virus.

A little weekend humor:

A new coronavirus sign says, “Wash your hands like you just finished cutting up jalapeño peppers for your nachos and now you have to remove your contacts!”

With Him and His Mom
Fr. Bob