Nativity Parish is committed to the spread of the Catholic faith. One way to accomplish this goal is through education of the members of the parish. Catholic Faith Formation is the program for our school-aged youth. It provides the foundation for further studies.

Adults also benefit from a greater understanding of the riches contained within Catholic teaching, studies of the Saints, a greater understanding of the Sacraments and of church history. Continuing the adult’s education in the faith is necessary if we are to make adult decisions on faith and morals. Very few people stop their formal learning after elementary school; how much more important is learning about the faith that prepares us for eternal life?

To this end, Nativity Parish offers a diverse assortment of classes, based on the three pillars of Catholic teaching: Scripture, Tradition and Magisterium. We only teach orthodox Catholicism based on this foundation.
The following is the list of classes that are offered by the parish on an on-going or recurring basis. If a parishioner has a request for a specific topic, please contact the parish office with the suggestion

You may click on a subtab under this one for more information on the content of the individual offerings.

All courses are free and open to the public.