Adult Education

Learning is a life-long activity.  Each day we should learn something new.  As it is with life, it is even more important to our religious life.  After all, one day we shall all leave this existence.  Should we not be well prepared for the next--the one that never ends?

For these reasons, Nativity Parish offers various classes on Scripture, the Catechism, Faith and Morals, Church History and other topics.  We welcome suggestions for topics of interest to you.  

In addition to the regular schedule of classes, we offer a summer class on Wednesday evenings on a major topic during  July and August.  

Classes are free and open to the believing public.  Meetings are in the Rectory Meeting Room and begin at 7 pm.  

Please consult the calendar page for updated information.

Listing of Adult Education Classes


Introduction to the Scriptures

A basic introductory study of the Sacred Scriptures.  The basics of modern Scripture study serve as the background.  Learn about authorship, dating, historical background, criticism and how to interpret the message of the written Word of God.  


Unwrapping Revelation

The Book of Revelation is the most mysterious book of the Bible.  One of the great Apocalyptic works, Revelation contains the great secret of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  The symbols found in the Text are unwrapped, explained, and re-packaged to tell the story of the final book of the Scriptures

Gospel of Mark

The First Gospel presents the facts of the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Written in the early 60's, Mark tells the first account of Jesus--one based upon the understanding at the time. The writer of Mark was the secretary to the Apostle Peter and the book was written shortly after his crucifixion.  Mark is known as the "Just the facts, ma'am" Gospel.  Covers the history and theology behind the Scripture.